andreacrissien: hello :) i love your blog, is beautiful! please check out mine and folloe, if yo want haha. thank you very much, xoxo.

Sure, like yours too ;)

I’m free yet caged
― Unknown (via ohsofangirling)

I was looking at the omega website when my eyes suddenly read ‘fine jewellery’.
Oh yeah let’s just call it ‘fine jewellery’ because 3000 pounds for a fucking ring is nothing right yeah let’s just call it ‘fine’.

And Ben, my other best friend, my chosen family.
― Lupita Nyong’s Oscars speech 2014
No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.
― Lupita Nyong’s Oscars speech 2014


It’s funny how some people think, you are stupid and they are always one step ahead of you, but you actually have always been a step ahead of them and so in the end they are the ones being stupid

Gurrrrrl you just described a Sherlock episode